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Tanzania Electoral Commission returns  $5M surpus from its budget, lol.. everyone is loyal this year....Magufulification of Tanzania....
The National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Tanzania handed President John Magufuli a cheque of surplus money from its budget of the elections of November 2015 worth over 5 million dollars.“Mr President, we were very stingy yet very diligent in our duties. So this surplus shouldn’t mean that our work was compromised anyhow,” the TEC Chairman said. NEC becomes the second public institution to hand over ‘saved money’ since the President Magufuli introduced cost cutting measures. The National Assembly also handed over 6 billion shillings approximately 3 million dollars.President Magufuli commended the NEC for saving such amount and handing it over to the government to cater for other activities of national importance.“This reflects how NEC is very honest. A sum of 270bn/- was allocated for last October’s polls. They spent 261.6bn/-. You would have even said that no amount has remained and no one would have discovered or doubted it,”  said President Magufuli

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