Lovers are locking each others' Baginas....

I used to think this was unreal until I saw it on on a Zimbabwean site. Gosh!  Is this real? But this African technology will take us to bad places....when we need to lock each others genitals...yeah....let go.

A Zimbabwean man living in Yeoville, Johannesburg, warned his friend that he had put muti inside his wife's vagina to ensure that the man stays away from her, the friend ignored the warning and he and the woman ended up getting stuck together during sex.Priscilla Ndlovu (34), who claims to be a resident at the same block of flats, said they heard screams from the room where the woman stays.The building's security forced the door open and saw the naked couple stuck together, pleading for help, but nobody could separate them.A sangoma said locking a woman with muthi was a common way of catching and punishing cheating lovers in Zimbabwe.

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